Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Need Some Celebrity Friends`

So I was watching Extra or Access Hollywood or some show like that and they had a special segment about celebrity birthday parties. This was brought about because Suri Cruise's birthday is around this time and last year they spent a reported $100,000 on her party. Will they double it this year? Why not? It's not like they're running out of money.

Anyway, the guest on the show was a celebrity party planner who described how to throw a FAB-U-LOUS party for your tot, complete with over-the-top themes, giant cakes, bags! She said that a $300 gift bag (at a children's party, mind you) was skimpy. Seriously. I need some celebrity friends! So, with Mateo's birthday coming up, I thought I'd do a side-by-side comparison of birthday parties; celebrity style vs. non-celebrity cheapo mom style.

Celebrity Party: Exotic animals and petting zoo
My Party
: Luca, our boston-beagle mix

Celebrity Party: $300 gift bag
My Party: $3 gift bag

Celebrity Party: full candy bar complete with real gumball machine
My party: $15 pinata

Celebrity Party: catered 5 course meal and open bar for adults
My party: juice boxes for kids and a couple 6 packs for adults

Celebrity Party: professional clown or magician
My party: drunk uncle?

So, whose party would you go to?


janiece said...

Hey at my house they're lucky to get juice boxes--now the 6 paks for adults altogether a different story. Honestly, what do kids need with the big fancy parties?? Here, fire up the grill and get the ice cream out for after--and you know what, my kids have a blast and there is no shortage of people coming over. And we request no presents--donations to the children's hospital playroom.

Crystal and Bryan said...

They don't spend that much money for the kids, they spend it so that all their "friends" see how much money they can spend on their kids.

Mommy K said...

I watched that show with my mouth open wide the whole time! It is INSANE! I'd come to your party, personally. =) Each parent that comes to these parties will just have to "one-up" each other with every party following. Wonder how much they'll spend for graduation!?

Rachel said...

Haha, thats great. Elizabeth's first birthday party was at home, no guests, no party, just a crappy cake we got for free with a coupon (which we let her destroy). We took pictures so she would know that we recognized that day. She doesn't need to know that there were no guests or that we didn't spend a dime. She won't remember anyway :)

Terri said...

I agree it is overrated and a bit absured to spend such a hefty amount for a childs birthday. We had a blast at your party and the kids were very entertained and happy to play with their friends! However your comparison was priceless, you always make me chuckle...great wittyness in your writings!!