Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Recent News...

Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayer as the new Supreme Court Justice. Why am I excited about this?

1) She is hispanic.

2) More specifically, she is Puerto Rican.

3) She is a she. Meaning a woman.

4) Now all parts of my children's heritage are represented in high government.

And that is enough for me to be pleased with this decision.

And about other recent news, anyone watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight on Monday night? I used to be a big fan of the show and the family, but now I'm pretty disturbed by the whole thing. In my opinion, Jon should never have quit his job and they should have ended the show when the kids were three. That would have probably saved their marriage. It's so tragic. And I can't see how anyone would want to watch the show anymore. It's just depressing. Any other opinions on that?

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I can't believe how different life is with two kids instead of one. I have a hard time finding time just to shower. But I have some cute Memorial Day pics I'll post coming up soon. I just have to edit them first.


janiece said...

I thrilled for all those reasons but my biggest reason is because she is a woman--maybe the glass ceiling is finally broken! It gives me hope for my daughter.
The whole Jon and Kate thing is ridiculous. I personally think both are at "fault" if there is such a thing. I mean I'm open about the children and all--but I don't want my life on tv!!

Adopting1Soon said...

I think TLC should be ashamed of themselves. They are totally milking this situation for ratings. YThye go tthe highest ratings ever (higher than Lost's finale in the same time slot!) The second they started talking about seperating, TLC should have pulled the plug, whether the family wanted to quit or not.