Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stupid Butt Head

My son called the baby a "stupid butt head" today. Gotta love daycare. Well, it's days like these I'm sort of glad most people can't understand him. And on the bright side, at least he's using his words to express how he feels about the baby, instead of his fists.


janiece said...

HAHAHA, snort, hehe, giggle. Gotta love it.

Mommy K said...


Jo said...

hello! I'm not sure exactly how I got to your blog, but one of those click click clicks from other blog links. Your little boy is adorable. I have to agree that it is nice when some people can't fully understand what they are saying.

Case in point:
Not long after we adopted our little girl (she was 2 1/2) I was watching Project Runway and thought the term "hot tranny mess" was funny. I called my husband that (less than a month into the whole new mom thing... didn't realize my new daughter would catch on). Cut to the next day as I dropped her off at preschool and she said to me, "mom, I look like a hot tranny mess". Oopsie. At that moment I was very happy she was difficult to understand!

Lesson learned.