Monday, May 4, 2009

Car Crashes and Back Aches

Mateo: Mommy, my have boo-boo. (points to small scratch on arm)

Me: Uh-oh. Are you ok?

Mateo: Yes.

Me: What happened?

Mateo: Car crash.

Next day

Mateo: Uh-oh. Daddy boo-boo. (points to small dot on nose)

Dave: Yes, I have a very small boo-boo, but I'm ok.

Mateo: Car crash Daddy?

Apparently everyone with a boo-boo has been in a car crash. Which means he's been in about a hundred.


Dave: Mateo will you hand me that rock please? (working outside building a patio)

Mateo: Mine back hurts. Need break. (sits on step and drinks juice)

Must be from all the car crashes.


Rachel said...

That is the most adorable thing ever! Mateo and Elizabeth should get together. I would love to listen in on their conversations.

Devan said...

That kid is wicked smart.