Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Mean She Doesn't Look Like Me?!

I don't know what is going on but this baby has prompted more comments and questions than I ever had with Mateo. And she doesn't look more different from us than Mateo does, so this is weirding me out. Here is a conversation that occurred at the mall while playing in the children's play area with Mateo and holding Maya. And then a list of snarky comments to follow.

Random Woman: Wow! What an adorable baby!

Us: Thanks. (Yes, we were a collective being that day)

RW: How old is she?

Us: (thinking in our head's, how predictable) Two months.

RW: Oooohhhh.....(looking back and forth between me, the baby, and Dave) I'm trying to figure out who she looks like.

Us: (huh?) [enter snarky comment here]

Here are some options:

What? Clearly she looks just like me!

My wife's boss.

I don't know but if you see someone around here who looks like her, tell them they can have their kid back.

Your mother!

What are you talking about? She looks just like...(looking at baby)...wait a minute! Honey, do you have something to tell me?

Oh, she looks like my husband's sugar momma.

Or you could just do what we did and stare at her blankly.

Any other ideas?


Adopting1Soon said...

I"m trying to think of a good comeback, but my brain is not working right now.

To answer your question on my blog: YES! I'm going to post Charlie's picture the second I pass court. The world has not seen beauty the likes of this since .... well, ever!

(Not biased or anything, I'm totally serious.)

janiece said...

She looks like herself.
Sheesh some people.
Personally my wife's boss would probably cause some jaw dropping!

los cazadores said...

You should blurt out something totally unrelated like "Blueberry tarts are tangy, but tasty!" and then walk away...



Kim said...

I like the "my wife's boss" option. ;)
Or you could go with... "she looks a bit like YOUR husband". that would get her thinkin'

J-momma said...

lol. i love it kim!

Jo said...

I have a friend who answered this with "truth be told, I had an indiscretion once and this is the result, but my husband is a very forgiving man." (she is african american and the baby was asian... so she told me that she often has blunt questions from people) VERY FUNNY.