Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weird Kids

Weird kid traits:

Kid #1 rocks himself (violently) to sleep every night.

Kid #2 must be moving at all times in order to sleep. Which means she sleeps in a swing, set on high, all. night. long.

Kid #1 feels he must be the loudest thing in the room at all times, out-noising the vacuum, the baby crying, and the dog barking.

Kid #2 screams in the car unless the windows are open, the music blasting, and the car is either driving a minimum of 70 mph or going over speed bumps. Note to self: invest in hydrolics.

Kid #1 has a fit if even a drop of liquid spills on his clothing during a meal yet he freely runs through the sprinkler or hose fully clothed and could care less.

Kid #2 would have gnawed my finger off by now if she had teeth.

I love 'em. But I'm just sayin'.

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Adopting1Soon said...

Hey there I posted what you won, I didn't want to wait until tomorrow :-)

Patience is not one of my character strengths.

So, if you don't like it, or already have one, please let me know! I will find something else for you. Thanks again for playing, I had a blast.