Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh. My. Freakin. Gosh. Well THIS was Unexpected.

So here we've been waiting and preparing for a boy, most likely a toddler boy. That's where our head space has been. BUT, lo and behold! I get a phone call yesterday that Mateo's birth-mom had a little girl last week. She's going into DCF care when she's discharged. Would we be interested in taking her? Hell yeah! Now I'm in complete shock. We DID NOT expect this at all! A newborn? A girl? Of course I'm excited (and scared to death). But I've never cared for a newborn. I mean, I know they need to eat and sleep but how much, and when? I have no idea. I'm hoping when we pick her up the doctor's will tell us everything we need to know. We will be fostering, of course. But it looks good for going to adoption. We're trying not to think about that though, because it's such a high legal risk we don't want to set ourselves up for something that won't happen.

Dave and I talked briefly about the possibility of Mateo's b-mom having more kids after we first got Mateo. It happens frequently with foster care. We decided a long time ago that it didn't matter what the child was like, if Mateo had a sibling (or a half sibling in this case) the answer would be yes. Doesn't matter if the child is blue with three eyes. The answer would always be yes. But we were still shocked when it happened.

Of course, this is most people's dream come true. A newborn baby girl right from the hospital. And it is for us too. But it's hard to change my previous ideas and shift them to this new reality. It's just very surreal. I don't think I'll actually believe it till I see her.

The sucky part is that she can't leave the hospital for a while. At least two weeks, maybe a month. And we can't visit her. Which is KILLING me! I'm not sure what to do with myself, other than getting ready and collecting the essentials for baby care. But still, I feel like I'm hanging on the edge of something really great but that I have no control over. There's, like, nothing to grasp at. Nothing concrete, no picture, not much info, and she's just out there suffering in a hospital without us, but we can't go hold her! I'm all jittery and anxious and unsettled. I feel like I need to just get out and do something. I should probably store up on sleep or something, huh? Or maybe go on a zillion dates with my husband before she comes.

Please, pray or cross your fingers or send vibes or whatever, that her health stabilizes quickly and we can bring her home.

Now I gotta go set up a crib, buy clothes, and hound my friends for free stuff. I'll update later!


The Tacheny's said...

How stinking cool!!! Happy for you!

Crystal and Bryan said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm so happy for you! Hopefully she will be home with you guys soon!

mayhem said...

Wow, how exciting!! Pretty crazy around your house, I bet! Fun!

If you haven't already, check out the Name Voyager ( ) and Name Finder ( )

JonesEthiopia said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I knew you would get your call soon. Oh my gosh. Wow. So happy for you. That's amazing. Wow, how cool to get to be the parent of biologically related children. I'm so happy for you.

PS-- Girls are awesome. I promise. Sure, mine's throwing a fit right now, but she's awesome.

Adopting1Soon said...

I like boy names for girls actually, so maybe you can keep your boy name. charlie, ande, james, michael. It's all good. Congrats! That's heavy duty wonderful! Here's praying she's ok.

Molly C said...

Delurking to say WOW! That's awesome! I was literally about to shut my computer off and I said "let me check real fast" whoa. awesome!! I hope she is discharged soon and that she's healthy!


janiece said...

I'm sitting here laughing my butt off! (and that's alot of butt). Here you had plans for 2 boys and now you'll have the classic one of each. Seriously, I have to say daughters are awesome. The Princess here has all the boys wrapped around her finger. Particularly the big one. I can't wait to hear more of how this story unfolds. I can't wait to see how big brother reacts to having a baby sister!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! Wow! I am so excited for you! Ahhh!
I had a favorite girl name for years. It is definitely different. I accidentally told a pregnant lady the name after I had a few drinks and she ended up taking it, hoping I wouldn't remember. Turns out my husband doesn't like it anyway but if you're interested, the name is Adeline. Or Adelyn. Or Adelina. They're all beautiful to me. I've never met another baby with the name, besides the woman who stole it from me :)
Keep the posts and updates coming! I'll definitely be sending good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

My fave Hispanic girls' name is Elena. It's not terribly common and it's easy to pronounce for English-speakers and Spanish-speakers alike. An Ecuadorian co-worker of mine just named his daughter Eliana. I like Elena better though.

Congrats...been reading along/lurking for several months.

Amanda said...

Yay!!!! Very cool!!!

But why the heck can't you visit her?

Mrs. B said...

LADY LADY LADY LADY! OMG...I just caught up....last post I saw was twilight t's how did I miss all of this!


I think we need to talk by phone soon...and I want to be included in the private blog!



my email is j2bearbaker at gmail dot com.


Mrs. B said...

I just read it again and almost started crying.