Monday, March 2, 2009

Black & White

The photo assignment for this month on mamarazzi is "Black & White". We are really only supposed to pick one or two to display, but it was just too hard to choose. So I'm posting three. The last one is brand new, I took the photo recently for this assignment. And the other two are older pics that I love. Hope you enjoy.

This was taken in July on a hot day eating ice cream. I love the devilish look in his eye. It was taken in late afternoon and I don't mess around with manual settings (although my husband sometimes does) so it's always on automatic.

I just like the perspective of this photograph. It's my husband holding Mateo after just getting home from work. They have a very special bond that I love to capture when I can. Again, automatic setting and taken indoors.

I took this photo last night. I think it captures his personality perfectly. And I especially like the off-set cropping. It's not your typical portrait, but it's totally my style.

All photos were shot with Canon Digital EOS rebel.

***** You can click on the photo to see it larger ******


JonesEthiopia said...

Love the pictures. Love photography in general, especially of cutie kiddos! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the latest bw photo. What a crazy boy! I love him!

Catherine said...

So sweet! I Love the black and whites! His personality looks so fun in the 3rd picture! Beautiful!

Shonni said...

All three of those really are great!!

Dawnelle said...

love the hands/legs one- found you on mamarazzi. neat blog!

Rebecca said...

I love the last one - I really like the water running out of the tub faucet, and the expression on his face! Adorable~

Patricia said...

These are so sweet... I just adore photos of fathers holding their children... sigh.
That first one just says "on the sly" :) love it!

Amy in Arizona said...

I love his litte legs!! They grow up so fast!!