Monday, December 15, 2008

My Latin Music Star

Turns out we may have a future Ricky Martin on our hands. And I'm not even saying that because Mateo is hispanic. I try not to feed into those stereotypes that he will automatically have good rhythm, drive a low-rider car, or want to clean houses. But when Dave was flipping through the satellite music stations and happened to stop on a Latin station, I'm wondering if genetics will play a role in Mateo's future career. When Mateo heard the Latin beat, he started dancing this funny jig we've never seen him do before. Normally he loves to dance. And he dances to all sorts of music in your typical toddler way of bumping up and down, and although we noticed he's had great rhythm since he was a baby, and even though he tries to break dance and can do the "neck thing", we didn't think much of it. Well, when Mateo started doing this new dance to the Latin music, it was cute at first and we laughed and clapped along. But as we watched, we noticed this was no ordinary toddler dance consisting of moving various body parts in spastic patterns while trying hard not to trip over themselves. This was good. Too good. And we stared, mouths open, in disbelief. Mateo was doing the salsa. An actual salsa step. With alternating feet to the rhythm, hip movement and everything! It was scary.

Where did he learn this?

Had he been taking dance lessons on the side without us noticing?

Was his daycare teacher teaching them latin dance steps during play time?

Will he have a future on Dancing With the Stars?

These were the questions swirling through my mind. For months I have been saying to Dave that we should look at enrolling Mateo in either martial arts or hip/hop class when he turns three. Dave has written me off up till this point. Yesterday, he said, "how old do you have to be to start dance class?" Hidden potential found. We can count on retiring early after Mateo wins "So You Think You Can Dance" season 39 and becomes a huge television success.

Ooooo....maybe he'll even be on Broadway! Okay, someone stop me. I'm living vicariously through my children. I swore I would never do that. Pretty soon I'll start acting like a....gulp....stage mom! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh....

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Rachel said...

Thats so cute. My poor little girl has almost no rhythm whatsoever. But that doesn't keep her from shaking like she's having a seizure and running in circles! Maybe she'll be able to belt out a tune. She can sing a mean "twinkle little little star".