Saturday, December 27, 2008

THE Embarrassing Moment of the Holidays 2008!!!

So, we had lots of wonderful memories this holiday season with our family and friends. We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house with a few close family and friends and exchanged gifts over appetizers and dessert. Then Christmas night we had the big family party at my aunt's house. More food, dessert, and presents. And lots of fun.

But my favorite part of Christmas had to be when my young son totally groped an older girl at the big family party in front of all my family. It was a cousin of a cousin from the other side of the family. This young girl (probably 20 or so) is someone I recognize from other family parties, I know her by name, but that's about it.

Well, she happens to have some big knockers. Really big knockers. And she wore a very low cut shirt and they were basically spilling out all over the place. She was sitting on the couch talking to my cousins (who are teenagers), ironically about her breast reduction surgery she recently had, when Mateo noticed her. She was also texting on a very fancy looking phone so I thought he was looking at that. Turns out he was looking at more than just that. So Mateo walked up to her, again I'm thinking to grab at her phone or something, but, no, he stuck his hand right down her shirt and into her cleavage. My cousins start cracking up. I have to admit I chuckled, but was holding back. I'm one of those people that laughs when people get hurt, fart on accident, and I still think it's hysterical to jump out and scare people. When I get going laughing, I can't stop. So I was really holding it in. But even cleavage girl was laughing and didn't seem upset about it, so I wasn't concerned. I was more concerned that my son was interested in them already. Not to mention he likes older girls and tries to kiss them. I think I'm going to start calling him Rico Suave. Although, I don't know how suave it is to out right grab someone's boob just because you like them. It's a bit obvious. I'm sure Dad will work on that with him when he's older. Or at least in preschool.

By the way, I'm watching West Side Story right now, which I haven't seen in years, and I just have to laugh a little. Nothing says tough like pirouettes and tapered jeans. And why does Tony look more Puerto Rican than Maria? And is it just me or are some of those "teenage hoodlums" in their 3o's?

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janiece said...

HAHAHA--he's all boy!
Rauan, with his very deep voice (we call him Barry White), does a really good "hey baby" and he also asked his dad--while in the grocery store--if that girl had big boobies. Gotta love it!