Monday, December 29, 2008

Help Us Name Our Baby

Well, just some suggestions please. No, I'm not pregnant. But we are putting our homestudy "back on the market" for another child. A boy. Age 0-2. So we're looking for names. I have a huge list of about 100 names I like for girls, and can only think of 2 boys names and my husband hates both of them. Here are the rules.

1. No "R" names. Our last name begin with R and it just doesn't ring well for me.

2. Unique is a must. But not celebrity inspired my-kids-will-hate-me-in-a-few-years unique. So, that means no Harlem Aladdin or Zinx Storybook Wednesday-Afternoon please.

3. Nothing on the top 10 most popular list or up and coming trends. That means no to Aiden, Jayden, Caden, or Hayden. Or anything else that rhymes with those.

4. No ridiculous weird spellings of normal names. Like, Jaymz or Mykkell (James and Michael). And NO EXTRA LETTERS that serve no purpose except to confuse teachers!

5. Lastly, no names that sound like they're from my Grampa's generation, even if they are making a comeback. I'm mainly talking about Henry. It seems to be very popular these days. I think Julia Roberts started it (again with the celebrities). It's a very nice name but all I can think of is a great uncle who used to call us "young lady" and "sonny boy" and talk about the days of the depression when they lived on moldy potatoes. No thanks.

Well, that's kind of a lot of rules, but see what you can come up with. This will make it a whole lot easier for me to find a name for our future child. Saves me from reading those God-awful long baby naming books. Of course, I might just veto everything and pick my own. Or keep the name the child was given if I like it, or if he seems particularly attached to it. If I like the name you suggest and pick it for my child, then you win! Yes, you win. Let's win....well, why don't you suggest something you'd like to win as well. There. We'll keep it nice and easy. Boy I'm lazy.

Thanks for the help!


Brian and Autumn said...

Thought I would share the top names on the list my hubby and I came up with:

Micah, Silas, Isaac, Eli, Malachi, Ian, Lucas (my personal fav), Liam

Not so sure if they are considered unique. Pretty sure none of them are on the top 10 list but I could be wrong :)

madeleine2676 said...

will think about it and try to come up with some good suggestions...but I just saw on FB that someone I went to school with has a kid named Brayden so I thought of you! lol...oh, and Matt thinks it would be hilarious to have Matt and Mateo

J-momma said...

yes! brayden is another very trendy name right now. nothing wrong with the name. but i just know there will be at least 5 kids in mateo's kindergarten class with different variations of that name. brady, braedan, brody, bradyn, and so on.

i like Nico, Keyon, and Elijah but hubby doesn't. he's pretty difficult about the whole thing.

Crystal and Bryan said...

No real suggestions for names, just wanted to say I'm excited for you! We can wait for our placements together!

Heather said...

weren't you guys liking Gabriel (spelling??) as a second choice for Mateo- is that on your list still? I have a friend named Jonah Gabriel- I love the name Jonah (but it's not on our potential list so name away if it strikes your fancy, hehe). I like Elijah out of your list.... it so hard trying to find a name both of you like, isn't it!

Devan said...

I've always liked Devan. It sounds poetic and masculine.

Devan said...

I like Keyon. I actually met a boy that I worked with named Keon. Oh and I like Keagan.

J-momma said...

yes, mateo was almost a gabriel but it's becoming too popular now i think. ha ha devan. no offense but i'm not naming my kid that. tell you what, if you died, then i would name a kid after you.

Bambi Mroz said...

still thinking of some good suggestions but here's a link to a neat website that charts all kinds of names historically by date and frequency per million babies:

Rachel said...

Here is my list of favorite boy names:
I also like the names, Issac (Ike) and Ian. My husband loves the name Jack Austin but I think Jack has gained popularity in the last couple years. I also like the classic name, Robert or Rob. Also, my grandpa's name is Radley (plain ol Rad for short) and have always kind of liked it but my husband thinks it is atrocious.

janiece said...

One of the names that we talked about (and I still love) is Brennan. Just enough off the beaten path to be interesting--at least that was my thought. So we have an Alihan and a Rauan now. I had the difficult hubby issue too. I can't remember the girl name we discussed. Must not have been that good.