Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rate That Name!

We're going to play "Rate That Name." Leave a comment rating each name (you can refer to them by letter) on a scale of 1 to 5. Five being the coolest name ever. One being super lame. Remember, our child will not be white, so think about that when you vote. You can leave a comment about your reasons if you'd like. Otherwise, just the letter and the number is fine. Still looking for more suggestions, so if you have any, now is the time to leave them. And here's some incentive, if we pick the name you suggest, I'll mail you a gift card of your choice for $20. And be creative! Come on, my name is Justice and my son is Mateo. Don't be afraid to experiment!

a) Isaac

b) Kelvin

c) Dominic

d) Adriel


Diane said...

I like the name Kelson.

burgmom said...

A-5 Really like this name.

B-1 Not too fond of this one.

C-4 My aunt named her son this. I love it.

D-4 I kind of like this one. It's different.

Bambi Mroz said...

a) 4.5

b) 1 (I've known two Kelvins and they were both huge dorks..and not in the endearing way)

c) 4 (I like this is in the top 100 for 2007, though!)

d)'s an interesting name...sounds kinda girly to me though

All the names I've come up with to suggest are a little too classic for you, I think. For instance, I like Patrick. And girl names are way easier...I hope if we ever have kids they're girls!

Rachel said...

a) Isaac: 5

b) Kelvin: 1

c) Dominic: 3

d) Adriel: 2

Nikki said...

a) Isaac: 4- love it, but getting popular

b) Kelvin: 2... I love Calvin though

c) Dominic: 5

d) Adriel: 0

Devan said...

I really only like Dominic out of the lot. I suggest Damion--since I'm partial to D names---ohhh,ohhh--how about Davian--as in Dae--vi--an?

J-momma said...

good one devan. the only problem is the short version sounds like dave. i do like Damon, but dave doesn't. i'm telling you, he's really picky. damien just reminds me of the evil kid in the Omen.

it looks like the only name we both don't hate is Isaac. i'm not thrilled about the popularity factor, but it might be the only one we can both tolerate. keep up with the suggestions. i need more ideas.

kelson is cool. but it's a bit hard to say with our last name.

Nikki said...

Hmm... other ideas- Dane, Thane, Thatcher, Nolan, Tripp, Luca, Nico, Adler, Davis, Sawyer, Rafe, Cohen, Asher, Ashton...

Devan said...

Alright, Javian then. A new Jay in your life for short.

Crystal and Bryan said...

a - Like Isaac. 3.5. It works well for a little boy and a man.

b - 1. Don't like it. I also have only known dorky Kelvin's

c- 5. My definite favorite. Love, love, love it!!! Sounds masculine, yet sensitive.

d - 1. Sounds too much like Ariel.

Adopting1Soon said...

Have you decided yet? I like Dominic and Kelvin. Maybe your son will be the one to break the apparent nerdy trend! When you get a minute, I have a poll up for my daughter's name..... I could use some help as there's a tie. She will be coming from Ethiopia, so there are a couple of Ethiopian names as well as American.

los cazadores said...

I like the name Oliver. Ooops - sorry, that's what we're naming our son!, I can't seem to think about anything else rationally for two seconds flat.

But, really, I do like the name Isaac a lot.