Friday, January 2, 2009

The Conclusion of the Name Game

So, here's the news with the name game. Dave is cut-out. Completely cut-out of the naming process. He has nothing to add and is getting on my nerves. So when we get a call about a baby, and we decide to change the name, I will give him a list of pre-approved names and he can pick the one he likes. But for now, he has no say in the process. Well, it's his own fault for being so negative. Maybe if he came up with a few names instead of just saying no to all mine, he would find himself back in the game. But for now, he's out.

I've made two lists of names that are approved by me. One for a Hispanic child (which is pretty likely to happen) and one list for any other minority child. So here they are.

Hispanic Names: Dante, Manuel (Manny), Lorenzo (Zee), Isreal (Izzy), Ismael, Javi (Hah-vi)

Other Names: Nico, Beniah (Be-NI-ah), Zander, Corbin, Isreal, Dominic

Isaac was the forerunner but it's just too popular for me. But if our kid came with that name we probably wouldn't change it. Thanks for all the suggestions. The deal still stands for the gift card if we end up picking your name when we get our boy. You never know.

Next post I'll move onto something else. I promise.


Devan said...

awwhhh Beniah--don't you remember him as the sweetest baby from that group of missionary kids we babysat. I love that name. And I like Dante and Lorenzo--little Zee. I love the selection this time around. I don't think there was one that I was appalled by this time. Good selection.

J-momma said...

yes, i decided that i just love unique names too much to pass up for my kid. plus, with a justice and a mateo in the family, you gotta be a little creative with the rest of them. poor dave. he'll be the only boring one in the family.

and yes, i remember beniah. that's why i picked it. i have fond memories of that name. plus, i love Benny for short.

Rachel said...

I like Ishmael.

janiece said...

Nico. like it.
Yep, men just don't have a clue. Good idea to just give him the list and say pick one. That's pretty much what I did with the kids' middle name (we kept their first names)

Adopting1Soon said...

I would love for you to add me to your blog roll. And I would like to subscribe to yours, it's hilarious. Thanks for the smiles tonight :-)