Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hoarding Socks?

I wouldn't say I'm a pack-rat by nature. I've seen the talk shows about hoarders who can't seem to let go of beloved possessions and continuously shop for bargains on random trinkets they don't need until they're house is so packed they can't even find their children under all the $1.99 porcelain kitty figurines. Actually, I know people like that. And it disgusts me and confuses me at the same time. My husband started off with this tendency. I have since reformed him. I, however, am quite the opposite. I love to purge old stuff, and sometimes new stuff that has proved useless. It just feels good to throw away an entire garbage bag full of junk that's been cluttering up my closet where I could otherwise be organizing. It's just so....cleansing? No, that sounds too much like something a health nut would do to their colon. Refreshing! That's it!

Well, despite this random fact about me, for some reason I simply can not bring myself to throw away two types of things. Shoes and socks. It doesn't surprise me about the shoes, I am a self-confessed shoe whore. Dave once tried to make me throw away one pair every time I bought a new pair. I know, funny right? Ahh...men. (Shaking head in feigned humor) But the socks? That seems a little weird. I just noticed how bad it's gotten today while attempting to make all my socks fit in one drawer. And I noticed that I have socks dating back to high school! Really. Striped socks, polka dot socks, toe socks someone gave me as a gag gift, a pair of smiley face socks I stole from my mom years ago, "crazy sock day" socks, fuzzy socks Dave gave me for Christmas when we were dating, rainbow socks, Halloween socks, snowflake socks, that one pair that only matches that one outfit that I wore that one time and haven't since, and on and on. What is going on? Why haven't I thrown any of these out? It's not like I ever wear them (other than once in a while around the house during laundry day). I am a grown up after all. There's no "crazy sock day" in the real world. Maybe it's the memories each pair brings or the way they bring out my eyes, but for some reason I can't throw the stupid things away.

BUT, today I did. Well, not all of them. One step at a time people! I threw away...let's say...about...several. At least the toe socks. They really aren't comfortable at all. And they kinda creep me out when other people wear them. The rest, I'll get around to. I will. Really. In the meantime, I'm going to go put my Valentine's Day socks on now!

What do you horde or have a hard time getting rid of?

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