Friday, January 23, 2009

I Need My Dog Back!!!

Hello, yes we are back from Disney. More on that in my next post. But I just have to ask, those of you without dogs, how do you do it? I haven't picked up my dog from my mom's yet and even though she's a HUGE pain in the butt (my dog, not my mom, although....I'll stop there since she's probably reading this), I need her back! Why? Because she cleans my floor! Seriously, I have taken for granted the past year and a half that I hardly ever have to clean up after my son because my dog eats every last crumb before it even hits the floor. Now I am having to sweep after every meal, instead of just once a month like usual. How do you pet-less people do it? Luca! I'm coming for you! And I have tons of treats waiting just for you under Mateo's chair!

(I promise I'll post more pictures from Disney, only the good ones so I don't bore you, and tell you all the funny, embarrassing, and annoying stories from the trip.)


JonesEthiopia said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. Can you believe I've NEVER had a pet? My parents got a dog about a year and a half ago... after we kids were all out of the house and after we begged for a dog for our whole lives!

Rachel said...

Two words: dust buster.

Melodie Monberg said...

I'm glad you asked that question about a girl vs's been quite a topic of conversation in our family...I would really like to hurry the process but need to continue to be patient!

We love Disney...glad your time there was so fun!


Adopting1Soon said...

I've got a couple dogs you can borrow in the meantime... while I'm waiting for the adoption to go through, my dogs are bored with nothing on the floor to eat.

The Knott Family said...

I feel the same way about our dogs! My husband calls them "The Cleaning Crew"! As soon as the kids are done eating, the dogs are let into the room to go to work!