Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Odd Conversation Before Bed

In bed, after watching a special about trans-gender issues in children.

Me: We have to be careful what Mateo plays with or he might develop gender identification issues.

Dave: Well, if he plays with My Little Christian Ponies, he will.

Me: Actually, that would be trans-species identification disorder.

Dave: I wonder if they’ve thought of G.I. Missionary Joe yet?

Me: There’s an untapped market for ya’.

Dave: I’d start with the apostles. They could play pretend about their journey to Rome and the first church of Corinth. And then act out the stoning. Each figurine would come with a packet of gravel.

Me: How did people die from stoning anyway? Couldn’t they just run away? Or duck?

Dave: I dunno. Maybe you should blog about it.

Me: Nah. Too gory. Anyway, it seems a very ineffective way to kill someone. I would imagine it taking a really long time.

Dave: I think I read about someone running away from a stoning recently. I think it’s legal in other countries.

Me: Well, now "getting stoned" has taken on a very different meaning.

Dave: A better meaning.

Me: Now THAT should be legal.

*** G.I. Missionary Joe trademark pending***


Crystal and Bryan said...

Yes, that is a very weird conversation. Bryan and I have had our share of weird ones, too. I think it keeps things interesting!

Devan said...

Actually, along with the Christian praise ponies they were selling bible character action figures that looked like He-man on steroids. They had Samson and Moses. I'm sure they have others out.

Devan said...

For Samson the warrior figure you can shop at amazon.com