Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cow Who Pees on the Couch

I kid you not, this is exactly what happened while playing on the couch today. Mateo found an old wipe box in the closet and wanted to play with it. So, in an effort (again) not to discourage him from experimenting with non-traditional gender roles, I gave him a few wipes to put in the box, a diaper, and his baby doll. Then waited for the magic to begin. Here was the game he came up with.

(Sitting on the couch with Cowie and his box of wipes.)

"Tssstsstsstss. Uh-oh. Cowie potty. Cowie potty couch."

Takes out wipes and scrubs couch cushion. Lays Cowie back down.

"Tsstsstsstss. Uh-oh Cowie potty couch. Mess, mess."

Cleans couch with wipes again.

"Phlpbbpbpbpbp! Oh man! Cowie potty!"

And so on.

At one point Mateo laid down on the couch and made a farting noise, complete with hand gestures acting out something coming out of his diaper, then said...

"Uh-oh! Me. Me potty."

So I told him to clean up the mess. If only he could do that when he really does potty.

This "fun" game combined with a sudden interest in not liking to be wet, not wanting to wear clothes, and the fact that he can just about change himself at this point, makes me wonder if he's ready for potty training. But we won't. Not because I don't want to. But I'm lazy. And I really don't want to. Okay, okay, when we get back from Disney we'll start. But I have to hold out till then. Would you want to be traveling on a plane and going on rides with a half-trained toddler?

But the main point of the story is that my kid is weird. Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff? Not once have any of us ever peed on the....well, there was that one time....

Anyway, even more important than my son being a bit odd, is that he can talk! (Enter whooping and applause) But really, this is huge! Those of you who've been following my blog will have read quite a few posts about my son having a "significant" speech delay. But he is (finally) catching up! I'm less concerned that my son likes to talk about potty way too much and more excited that he is actually putting words together to form weird, disturbing little sentences! YAY Mateo! YAY me! And YAY to all the taxpayers of CT who paid lots of money for speech therapy!!!

Now here are some random photos from our snowy day today.

all geared up to go play. it took him a few minutes to figure out how to walk in the boots

he liked it for...let's see....8 minutes?
then he refused to wear gloves and cried cause his hands were cold.
that's mateo.

Daddy trying to throw snow at me in the doorway


janiece said...

YAY!!! The speech part is great (potty is funny). That is really signifcant that he is tying words together--big developmental jump for cleft-affected children.

Rachel said...

That is so funny. I have a feeling our weird kids would get along.

J-momma said...

probably would. too bad you don't live closer. he could use some non-judgemental friends.