Tuesday, December 8, 2009

High Heels for Preschoolers: Yay or Nay?

This photo was recently published in some celebrity magazine. I am not one to read celebrity gossip but I do like looking at photos of their children because they're cute and I like watching them grow up. This photo specifically drew a lot of criticism. Suri Cruise is close to the same age as Mateo, three and a half. And here she is wearing high heeled shoes, and it's not been the only time. Katie Holmes defended herself by saying they are ballroom dancing shoes for kids and that Suri likes dressing up like her mom. Before the baby was born, we didn't have to think about this kind of thing. But now I find myself wondering....what would I do if Maya asked to wear high heels at three years old?

What do you think? Is this just innocent dress-up or perpetuating an unhealthy trend of kids growing up too quickly? Let me know how you feel about it and if you'd let your daughter wear high heels before age 10.


Kim said...

Ok, first... she is wearing high heels AND cuddling an Elmo doll. Talk about contrast!!!

I see little girls clunking through the stores in those cheap, plastic dress up heals that you buy in the toy section. I'd have to say that is harder on their feet than actual heels. But... everytime I see little girls clunking along in those things, I want to smack their mothers anyway. I hate seeing kids wearing those things out in public, damaging their little feet. I understand that little girls like to dress up, but as mother's it's our duty to put our foot down (no pun intended) and tell them those things are for playing at home and NOT for use as actual shoes. So, I'd have to say that I would follow that same guideline for the real heels.

Quite frankly, I want to know what the heck any shoe company is thinking making those things for preschoolers???? Disturbing!

btw... I also hate seeing kids out in their fairy princess costumes, but at least those won't cause permanent damage to their feet.

Devan said...

I'd let my kid wear them for sure. But that's more because any kid of mine (biologically) would need to start practicing as soon as possible on that balance thing.

And for me, I love it when I see that parent let their kid dress themselves in whatever weird outfit out in public. To me, the parents have a sense of humor and why take on a battle that you don't need. But, I'm, also, not currently a parent.

mayhemh said...

No way!

Just like I wouldn't let a daughter of mine wear anything that is supposed to make her look older or "sexier," I wouldn't allow high heels. If she's taking dancing lessons, then it's fine to wear them for the lessons, then back into flat soles... No cropped tops, no mini skirts, no font across the butt, no two pieced swimming suits... and no heels. They grow up fast enough. No way would I reinforce the expectation that she should look sexy or even womanly at 3 years old.

I let my kids wear whatever clothes they choose for the most part. It's great to let them pick their outfits, even if they don't match or they wear the same things over and over. But they have to choose from things I've purchased for them and have decided are appropriate.

Having strongly stated my opinion (so easy on a blog, I guess!) I must say that I don't have a girl... So perhaps my opinion doesn't count for much! Suri's red coat and pigtails are adorable, though!

janiece said...

Well as the mom of a 7 year old girl--personally I think heels are ridiculous. Of course, I decided to get into a career field that doesn't require pantyhose and heels either--I like my jeans and flats just fine thank you!
Kids grow up too fast. Why push it along? I agree with the previous poster. No cropped tops, tight clothes, short shorts or even bikinis (in a public pool--private, ie grandparents ok). I do allow skorts. My kids are active--no flashing of the panties here.
Anyways--I just want my kids to have a childhood. I missed part of mine and had to grow up way too fast. Not for my kids--I want them to enjoy--in jeans, sweats, and tennis shoes!

JonesEthiopia said...

I think it is horrible. She's 3 years old!!! Give me a break. She will have her whole life to wear high heels. What happened to just letting children have childhoods?

Adopting1Soon said...

Hell no to the no.

And, as a feminist, I'm not sure she ever will.

Girls need to be able to RUN and KICK ASS when needed.


Nikki said...

I would say a most definite NAY! Playing dress up is one thing, but I wouldn't consider it dress up 'play' when it is her actual going-out outfit.