Monday, December 14, 2009

Having a Very Merry (and Ethnic) Christmas

My trans-racial adoptive families tune in. It IS possible to find ethnically diverse Christmas decor for your house. It's taken me some time but here are a few great finds.

African-american angel from Hallmark

The picture is bad but it's a hispanic angel I got at a local craft fair

This tree topper I think could be African-american or Hispanic, which suits us fine since my
kids are both

This African-american Santa I found at one of those tupper-ware type parties where you feel obligated to buy something because you know your friend only had the party to earn money to get free goods from the distributor and they went through all the trouble of making hors d'oeuvres and dessert but what you really wish is that they made Margaritas and Mojitos. On a sidenote: hors d'oeuvres is a b**** of a word to spell.

This is a Peruvian nativity in a gord. I got this and the Nigerian ornament below at a local craft fair but the vendor was Ten Thousand Villages, which is a fair trade company.

Do you have any good ethnically diverse holiday theme decorations?


Devan said...

We just use ornamental bulbs that have Merry Christmas (gold), Snowmen (white), and a nativity seen (red) in glitter on them. Plus, we use a Cat in the Hat santa hat for our tree topper. I don't think that counts for being ethnically diverse, but it's cute and it amuses me.

Janice said...

My children are not adopted, but we have a multi-racial family (Me white, DH African American, stepson C is half Puerto Rican from his Momma) so we are multi-ethnic. We live in an area where there are only about two handfuls of minorities in the whole town. We found a beautiful African American tree topper in NYC when we were visiting DH's family a few years ago. She broke, but thankfully was simple to repair because I looked in all our area stores. There were only white angels. To me that seemed a little racist, but I guess it was because of the area we live in. I also found a couple African American ornaments in a school catalog a couple years ago.


Rachel said...

Good finds. I don't have any but then again, my tree just has stars, bulbs, and present shaped ornaments. There is an angel on top but it is a contemporary glass panel type angel so it really could be any ethnicity if you use your imagination :) I don't know why they make all Christmas people white, weren't most of them Arabic or Hebrew?
Again, your tree is very pretty!

janiece said...

I've got stuff all over the house that are white, Russian (which is an extremely diverse country--couldn't believe it when I was there!-media stereotypes are ridiculous), Kazkh, and Krygz. We are definitely a house of many colors! Its like that on a daily basis and at Christmas. I'll try to get some pictures up on our blog this next week. Just got the dang tree up yesterday. Alot we got when we travelled, some from an all year Christmas store in Door County and others I've just picked up as we found them. By the way people--Jesus wasn't white!!! I wish they would stop putting out nativities with a white Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Drives me up a wall. Ok, off the soapbox.

MinkyDink said...

I have a great black holy family painting. It has Mary holding baby Jesus while riding a donkey, and Joseph is leading the donkey. It was done by a Haitian artist. My parents have a black nativity and black santa stocking holders. Ethnic stuff is hard to find, but it is exciting when you do!!!