Sunday, November 29, 2009

Poor Maya; Left in the Dust

I realized I NEVER talk about the baby on this blog. It's always about Mateo and then I put monthly updates on our private blog about Maya. Well, today is a public update about the littlest munchkin.

She is crawling! For one. And she looks so cute doing it. Because she's so tiny for her age, she looks like she shouldn't be able to crawl. She just started crawling this past week, so she's still pretty new at it. She looks just like one of those electronic robot puppies that walks, barks, then does a flip (except without the barking and flipping part, although I've been trying to teach her). It's the funniest thing. She also gets very excited when she's crawling cause, you know, she just thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. So she pants and laughs while she's jetting across the floor.

But with crawling comes lots of limits. Usually she makes a beeline right for the dog's food and water bowls. She also likes to find the smallest most miniscule little things on the floor and examine them (and then usually taste them). She's such a happy girl, most of the time. She is friendly and has a great personality. Some of my favorite "Maya things" include:

- the way she holds her mouth in a wide open grin almost all the time.

- when she gets excited sitting on the floor and rocks back and forth like she's propelling herself somewhere.

- her dolphin squeals.

- the way she talks to herself in the crib or car.

- that she loves food as much as I do, maybe even a little more.

Hopefully we'll be able to post pictures soon because she'll be adopted! It's taking a long time but I'm really hoping she's adopted by her first birthday in 3 months.

Here's a picture from Thanksgiving that doesn't show her face so I can post it.


janiece said...

Soooooo cute!

Mommy K said...

Curious, why do you have two blogs?

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

I'm late commenting on this, but have been eager to read the post. I wanted to wait until I was at my computer (FINALLY) instead of reading it from my phone, like I do most of the blogs I follow. I wondered many times about Maya. I remember reading a LONG time ago that you wanted to adopt Mateo's little sister, but never heard anything else about it. I wanted to ask, but wasn't sure if it was a sore subject... thanks for the update.