Monday, April 6, 2009

Talking in Our Sleep

Turns out Mateo and I have something in common. Well, other than being loud, bossy, and having an opinion on just about everything. We both talk in our sleep. I haven't in a really long time, but every couple months or so, I start jabbering away, mostly unintelligible murmuring. So a couple nights ago, I apparently said, clear as day,

Suckety suck suck suck!

Dave, who wasn't quite asleep yet, started cracking up laughing. I woke up and said, "Did I just say that out loud?" And he started laughing again. But in my head, I was saying that metaphors are a sucky way of describe a sucky situation (I have no idea why I was talking about metaphors, I swear I have the strangest dreams). So I drift back to sleep saying, "Metaphors. No, metaphors suck. I don't like them," with Dave still laughing in the background.

Apparently I hate metaphors.

But Mateo has started talking, or maybe I should say making sound effects, in his sleep. Ever since the Indiana Jones Stunt Show in Disney, he's been obsessed with things blowing up. This isn't made better by my husband who shows him hundreds of videos on of explosions of different sorts. Now we hear him in the middle of nap or as he's falling asleep at night making all sorts of explosion sounds. On the good side, he may actually have a future in sound effects. He sounds pretty convincing to me.


Rachel said...

Unfortunately, my daughter talks in her sleep too. And the most common thing she says is, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommmy!". I never know if she's actually awake so I usually end up walking in there in the middle of the night only to find my child fast asleep.

Kim said...

My husband laughs in his sleep. Not just a little chuckle, but full on uncontrollable laughter. It can go on for as much as 15 minutes. (at least that is the longest I have timed it at) Lately we have heard Meechi starting to laugh in his sleep as well. It doesn't last nearly as long, but it is that same big laughter.

I thought it was such an unusual thing that my husband did this and now we have a son with no biological link who does the same thing. It is amazing really.

los cazadores said...

Yeah, I agree with your sleep induced proclamation that metaphors are sucky, but only sucky in large amounts. Did you ever notice how sometimes people in the media will write things that cliche to death? I can't stand that.