Monday, February 16, 2009

More Potty Woes

Well, we are potty boot camp right now. And so far, so good. Although, I do have one complaint about my child. Only one, this time. Mateo has figured out how to manipulate the reward system and use it for his own advantage. Of course, HE would do this. I should have predicted it. Nothing is easy and straight-forward with him. We've been giving him one Skittle for going pee on the potty. Once he did this a couple times and figured out he gets candy every time, he figured out how to corrupt the system. Sunday afternoon was spent entirely going back and forth to the potty to drip out a bit of pee, get a candy, chew it up, then back to the potty to drip out a bit more. Over and over and over again. Until he had eaten almost a full bag of Skittles in one afternoon and wasn't hungry for dinner. Do other kids do this? I swear, he's an evil genius. I only wish he'd use his powers for good.

He's been doing great though. He's in pull-ups still but I think he could go to underwear anytime. I just have to transition from the routine at home, to generalizing at daycare, store, Nana's house, etc. Then we'll switch to underwear, clean up several accidents I'm sure, but I'm confident we'll have success soon.


Heather said...

haha, this cracked me up :) Glad to hear things are going pretty smoothly in the potty department for you guys!

The Knott Family said...

What a smart little guy! Anna works the system as well. I feel like I should reward her for at least "trying"...she'll sit on the potty and not go but it is an attempt....right??? The potty training this pretty much as me baffled!

janiece said...

HAHAHA--sounds so familiar. Well, he'll be potty trained before he graduates high school! which might be soon from the sounds of it. Too smart for his own good. Might have to start the intermittant rewards system--will I get a skittles this time? Well better do my best cause who knows what is going to get skittles? It seems like we always have to be one step ahead of our kids!