Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isn't it all about Me?

Today my husband turns 30. There is so much I can say about what he means to me and how much I love him. But let's talk about me for a minute here.

I'm old. I think it's pretty ironic that my husband is turning 30 today and all weekend long I was depressed that I was getting old, even though I have two and a half years before I turn 30. But, as my mom said to me when I was crying on the phone, it's not what age you are that matters, it's how you feel. Well, I FEEL old!

This, of course, is all Mateo's fault. I used to be fun-loving, lots of energy, and happy all the time. Now I'm tired, nagging, and pissed about my house being dirty all the time. What happened?

I never minded birthday's before. I thought it was cool getting older. Becoming a grown-up and more respected. Well being a grown-up sucks! And who cares about respect? What I wouldn't give for a time-machine to go back, just for a weekend, to my early twenties when Dave and I were still dating and I was young and adorable, and we still had butterflies when we saw each other. I wouldn't stay long, of course. I love Mateo and everything he brings to my life. But I miss ME! Well, the 20 year old version of me. God help Dave when I turn 30. I think I might be suicidal.

Anyway, I did make a video (surprised?) for Dave's birthday of our story together. From when we first became friends all the way through our engagement, wedding, married life, then kids. It's depressing to watch. Well, for me. Everyone else likes it. It might be boring for those who don't know us. But I'm gonna post it on Valentine's Day, along with the story of how we met, which is interesting and comical. Here's a sneak peek. I wouldn't consider dating him until two years after we met, even though he liked me that whole time. He thought I was a lesbian at first because I wasn't interested in him (talk about a complex) or any other guys. The story also includes rock climbing, seduction, casinos, an injury, and getting drunk. But isn't that all love stories? Make sure you come back on V-day and check it out. Until then....

Happy Birthday My Love!!!


Devan said...

I don't think I have ever seen that photo of Dave--so seductive. I see why you married him.

J-momma said...

it's an old picture but one of my favorites. i took it. :)

Devan said...

you guys always take such good photos.

los cazadores said...

Happy Birthday to your Love!!