Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stealing? Already?!

Mateo pulled an unfamiliar toy car out of his backpack yesterday. Neither Dave nor I could recognize where it came from. So we asked Mateo.

Me: Where did you get that car?

Mateo: Preschool.

Me: Preschool? Did you take it home from preschool in your backpack?

Mateo: Yes.

Me: Well you can't do that. That doesn't belong to you, it has to stay at school. We'll bring it back on Tuesday.

Mateo: Ha, ha, tricked you!

Me: You tricked me? You mean you didn't take it from preschool?

Mateo: Yeah, preschool.

Dave: You mean you tricked the teachers at preschool to take the car?

Mateo: Yeah.

So from what I can gather from the conversation is that Mateo tricked the teachers by hiding the toy car in his backpack so that he could take it home. Great. So we've got a klepto on our hands. Maybe they need to install metal detectors. Or search Mateo everyday before he leaves the building.

1 comment:

JonesEthiopia said...

Maybe metal detectors aren't such a bad idea... At least you caught it before he stole like 23 of them or something.

I remember stealing a pack of gum from the grocery store when I was about his age.

I think it is pretty normal at that age to do something like that!