Monday, July 6, 2009

My Name is What? Take Two.

The 3 year doctor's visit.

If you know us, you know Mateo has MAJOR issues remembering, reciting, recalling, whatever you want to call it, his name. Well, enter doctor.

"What's your name?"


"How old are you?"

"Too much."

Then the nurse came in with some kind of test (not sure what it's supposed to determine) consisting of black outlines of shapes and pictures. The nurse pointed to each one and asked Mateo what it was.

Circle. "Cracker"

Square. "Cookie"

Heart. "Pie."

House. "Mommy's house."

Now I suppose the right answer would be to name the different shapes, but Mateo decided to take a more abstract, symbolic approach to the test. I think he was hungry.

We went on a mini-vacay this weekend and I have some really cute pics to post. Which I will do sometime this week. Man, it's hard to blog with two kids. I don't know how some of you mega-family people do it.

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Heather said...

an abstract artist in the making.... anyways, who wants to see a square when you can see a cookie???