Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OT Eval

So we took Mateo to an outpatient OT (occupational therapy) clinic and had mixed results. Not in the fact that he could use therapy, he definitely can. But in my interpretation of this particular place. First of all, the therapist was one of those people who stands just a little too close, and then doesn't pick up on the hint when you keep taking a step back. Aside from invading my personal space multiple times, she was a bit scattered. I would say she is NOT a very down-to-earth person. In fact, I'd say she was on her own planet. The whole thing was just a little bit too "out there" for me. Even her approach was very alternative. And I don't have a problem with alternative treatment, but when it doesn't make sense to me and I can't find a lot of research on it, I tend to now want to waste my time and energy.

She also freaked Mateo out a bit. When she wanted to interact with him, she didn't really talk to him or explain what she was doing. She just kind of did it and made silly noises and songs at the same time. Mateo is not used to interacting with people from a different planet. Not that we don't sing or aren't silly at all. But we're not completely illogical or cuckoo. She would grab him and try to touch him to check his flexibility or whatever and at the same time (I suppose to distract him) would say, "La, la, la, la, do you like to sing? Mommy mommy mommy, I like saying mommy." And Mateo looked at me like, "what is with this lady?" Maybe it would have worked if he was younger. But as delayed as he is, he does have a clue.

But he doesn't like to be touched by people he doesn't know or when it's not on his terms. He loves people and is very social, but he has a hard time with people who are very forward. He likes to be in control of things. And with this person trying to touch him and being completely ridiculous, he was very nervous and clung to me a lot, which is not like him. So it wasn't a good fit. I think for someone who was more interested in an alternative approach, instead of just straight SI therapy like me, and for someone who didn't mind the therapist's personality, it could work. She was very knowledgeable and seemed to have some amount of skills. But I need to be able to communicate efficiently with my son's team of teachers and therapists, and there was just no satellite service on this lady's planet.

So we are getting another eval at a different place, a more traditional SI therapeutic facility, with a "normal" therapist. And hopefully will be able to start therapy soon.

My next post is going to be about all of the struggles we have with Mateo in detail and what we're in the process of figuring out. Stay tuned, it will be an intense one. And then to balance that, I have a funny post about ridiculous ideas and suggestions in parenting magazines. Seriously, are the people who edit these even parents?


Rachel said...

Don't go back to her. I think when your job entails working with children, you should at least know how to interact with them without freaking them out. Or at least be sane.

Amanda said...

Oh, yeah, don't go back there. I had the exact opposite experience at Lily's recent OT evaluation - our therapist was *amazing*. She approached when she could, but backed off when she got the slightly hint of push back. Loved her.

You'll find a good one!!!

JonesEthiopia said...

Sounds to me like you need to go somewhere else. That is completely rediculous.

Kim said...

Oh! She sounds just like the early intervention lady, specialist, person... whatever the heck they are called... that used to come to our house for Meechi. She was so weird and had some really far out there ideas. As in... massage his feet to stimulate speech. ????? Anyway, she was always singing and saying goofy things that made no sense. And she would touch him a lot and he is also a kid that doesn't like people he doesn't know and trust to touch him. We did not have much success with her at all.

When we started taking Meechi to his OT and PT that he sees now they were both so great. They realized he didn't like to be touched and wouldn't try to unless necessary and then they TOLD him they were going to and then told hiim why BEFORE doing it. Now, 7 months later, he very freely gives them hugs and kisses. He gets so excited about going to play with Katy or Claire.

Having the right OT is so very important!!! They can't just be good at their job, they have to be a good fit with your child as well. I am glad you are looking for someone else.