Thursday, July 9, 2009


- "Wuh-jew" = Love you.

- "Wuh-jew my Daddy me" = (I think) I love Daddy

- "Ugh! Tupids truck! Tupids truck no work!" = Stupid truck! Stupid truck doesn't work!

- "But Mommy, Cowie Wuh-jew me" = Cowie loves me (when asked to leave Cowie in the car for preschool)

- "Daddy miss me" = (I think he means) I miss Daddy

- "Mommy, me jump! Me cool!"

- "Mommy pitty" = Mommy pretty (he says this anytime I fix my hair or wear a dress. I think Daddy taught him that)

- "No Heeca cun im" = I don't want Luca (our dog) to come in my bedroom (that one was obvious, right?)

- "Mommy pain butt!" = Mommy's a pain in the butt! (I have no idea where he got that from)

- "Iyant hitty bankek on me" = I want the little blanket on me

- "Mommy, harps, harps!" = Mommy, sharp, sharp! (warning me when using a knife)

- "No hipperies!" = (when scared of walking on icy or wet surfaces) No slippery!

- "Mor-gain" = Again (a mixture of more and again)

- "No bye-bye me" = Don't leave me

When asked do something, most of the time he says, "" Very matter of fact. It's quite funny and a little annoying since he's clearly beyond doing me small favors.

Mateo and his Daddy on the jet ski this weekend in New Hampshire (I have more pictures to put up from this weekend later)

A boy, a dog, and water gun. Nothing beats it.
(The dog is my mom's, by the way)


JonesEthiopia said...

I love toddler-speak! So cute. When I was a kid, I was the only one besides my mom who could understand my little brother. Mateo's speech reminds me of his at that age.

Laura Em said...

I found your blog through Adoption Voices, and it's really cute! Just thought I'd drop you a note--I added a link to your site on my own blog.