Thursday, October 30, 2008

National Adoption Month

Hello everyone!

November is National Adoption Month! And so, in celebration and to be a good advocate for adoption, I am going to be posting information about adoption (specifically from foster care) and also giving little clips of our story with Mateo. So, November will mostly be serious (with a few funnies in there while Dave is away in China). I already have one entitled, "I Hate Being a Single Parent", because I just know I will. But mostly I want to take the opportunity to talk about our story, the kids in our country that need adopting, and how you can help teach your children about differences and tolerance (this doesn't necessarily go with adoption but is applicable because of our adoption).

November 1st will be my first posting of how we got started on our journey to adoption. Check back then!


JonesEthiopia said...

sounds good to me! And thank you so much for that article link. I think I'm going to use it in my classroom (I teach 8th grade language arts).

Peace said...

I will come back to see what you share. I have not started your blog from the very beginning, so I may take a peek around it a time or two. I am in the process of fostering 2 of my little relatives. They are not yet in my home. I think I will more than likely be adopting them sometime in the future. Anyways, I will be looking out for your November blogs.


janiece said...

Oh I like! I think I might copy you if that's ok? I think the more we can get the word out the more people might be interested. Education is tops in my book!

Plus November has special meanings--month of our wedding, month we "officaly" started our first adoption (Julia), etc.