Tuesday, October 21, 2008


For those of you out there pressuring me to post another blog entry, (you shall remain nameless for now) here you go! Now get off my back! I have a life you know. Really, it may seem like I just hang around carving pumpkins and baking cupcakes and playing trains with my son, but I really do much more. Like, for instance, I watch Oprah. And read magazines. I also like to get massages and pedicures. So you see? I'm a very busy person. So here's a new post and I'll even throw another one in tomorrow. Happy?

hiking up Case Mountain with Mateo on my back

Yes, I almost died and, no, I didn't realize how much 27 pounds really is.
But Mateo looks thrilled doesn't he?

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janiece said...

Hey if you get a chance can you email me privately?