Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 Random Things

I'm starting a tag via someone else's blog.

It's 7 Random Things About Me:

1) I am afraid of horses (it's their freaky black eyes, I can't tell what they're thinking) and cats.

2) I have an abnormally strong sense of smell. Dave often uses me to "sniff out" things that are causing precarious odors.

3) I love Sci-fi and British Comedy.

4) I am obsessed with Christmas. I insist on a real tree every year and always get it too soon and it dies before the big day. I put the Christmas music channel on in the car after Thanksgiving and refuse to turn it off until New Years, even if we've heard 5 renditions of "Drummer Boy" in a row. I'm like a 5 year old about presents and shiny wrapping paper, but love giving them as much as receiving. My second favorite holiday is Halloween.

5) I am a sucker for family traditions and get very upset when they have to change or when they don't go as expected, especially when it comes to Christmas.

6) I literally can't sit still. I am always rocking, shaking, or tapping. Dave used to call me "squirrely".

7) I hate the suburbs but can't decide between the country and the city.

So I guess I'm supposed to "tag" seven people to do the same thing. Then we all learn 7 things about each other. I don't really care if you participate or not. I'm just doing it because it's a lot easier than thinking of a new creative witty post again. I suppose I could have just written it about me and not "tagged" anyone but that just seems a little...self-obsessed. Well, maybe random thing #8 should be that I'm self-obsessed. Anyway, I am tagging...

1. Scott
2. Heather
3. Rachel
4. Jill
5. Devan via Scott's?
6. Joe
7. JonesEthiopia

Tag. You're it.

Speaking of are some random pics from recent events.

I just realized there are no pictures of our "other" baby, Luca, on this blog.
So here's Luca, our 2 year old boston terrier/beagle mix (Boggle).

Our pumpkin

Monster cupcakes I made for our carving party.
This is probably the biggest Martha Stewart Moment I've ever had.
Don't expect it to happen again anytime soon.


JonesEthiopia said...

love the pumpkins. Can't wait until next year when R can do all those fall things, too!

I posted my 7 things...

Scott said...

Justice, I've already read this post. When are you going to post something new?

J-momma said...

well, thank you for saying that scott. now, since you have already read my post and my world so clearly revolves around you, i will most certainly get right on that. because, you know, i have nothing better to do. it's not like i work 20 hours a week AND take care of a 2 year old AND manage a house or anything. no, i'm just sitting around all day and night waiting for someone to tell me to write another blog post. so, thank you for the motivation to think up ANOTHER funny creative post about my apparently so boring life. oh, and don't be surprised if it's about annoying pushy friends who don't even have the courtesy to live in the same state but go around demanding new blog posts be written for their own convenience.

Mrs. Baker said...

Thank you so much for the comment. I think I wrote that to you already but just wanted to make sure. I love your cupcakes!!!!
I am going to add you!