Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh the wonderful things Mateo can do, now age two!

Mateo is two today. My, my where has the time gone? He is such a blessing to us and everyone that meets him so I would like to brag about all the things he can do and the wonderful little person he is.

~ Mateo is full of life. He makes people laugh everywhere he goes.

~ Mateo is charming and makes friends easily.

~ He can say several words, some of my favorites include:
cayee = cowie
muh = mama
beesh = move
buzz = bubbles
dis = sit
car, car, car, car, car = I would like to go for a car ride please

~ Mateo is compassionate and caring. He is very concerned when others are hurt or sad and gives them lots of hugs and kisses.

~ He is feisty but a good listener.

~ Mateo is smart. He can spot a Dunkin Donuts logo anywhere.

~ He also has mad dancing skills and great rhythm.

~ He is small but has a huge personality.

~ Mateo has great taste in music. Some of his favorites include; Queen, Elton John, Selah, anything Gospel, and Veggie Tales.

~ He points to his butt when he poops, very helpful.

~ Mateo has the God-given ability to make people feel special when they are around him. And that's a hard thing to find in anyone, forget the fact that he is only two.

So, here he is. The cutest birthday boy in the world!


HomeGrown Life said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Mateo. Can't wait to see you this week! (What a great mama you have to take the time to document all the amazing things you are doing these days...).

Anonymous said...

and "Bo" means, "Where did the couch lady go?" or "Aunt Devan"