Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sorry So Lazy

I know that being busy is a lame excuse for not chronicling the great and funny things my kid does so he has something to remember about his childhood, but it really is true. I just started a new job, we are having a HUGE birthday/adoption party for Mateo this Saturday, and we are STILL building a shed, and that's a LOT of all-caps words so you KNOW I must be emphatic about this. Anyway, I do have some funny stories to write about. Such as my son's botched up haircut by the lady in the mall (hey, I can screw up my kid's hair myself for free!) Fun at the beach where Mateo refuses to touch the sand or water. And other such tales. I'm sure there will be plenty to write about after this weekend. What with so much ammo and all, (giant party, father's day, Mateo's birthday and mine, a friend flying in from out of state) there's just bound to be some comedic moments where Mommy is sure to have a nervous breakdown. And that's always lots of fun. But for now, I hope you will accept some cute pictures from recent events.

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