Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mushy Mommy Moments

Okay, I know that most of the time I am complaining about my perpetually loud, hyper-active, button pushing son, and it may seem as though he is the thorn in my side (so to speak), but that's only true some of the time.

Tonight I am sharing one of the mushy, lovey, hallmark moments that occur infrequently enough to become etched in our minds for years to come. I am embarrassed to admit there are many times I wish he would walk instead of wanting me to carry him, or I'd rather be using the computer or doing dishes (ha ha, like I do dishes) than sitting with him on my lap reading a story.

But tonight, fresh out of the bath with soft baby skin, smelling like watermelon bubble soap, in his clean "choo-choo" pajamas and barefeet, he was just too irresistible not to snuggle and cover in kisses. And as he was sitting on my lap with his head resting on my chest watching Hannah Montana, I realized that in just a few years he won't want to sit on Mommy's lap after a bath, cuddle, and watch the Disney Channel. One day my baby will be too old or too cool to be Mama's boy. He'll be petitioning for a later bed time or perhaps not coming home at all, trading me in for girls with tight jeans and too much makeup, and sneaking into rated R movies. And then I'll wish I put down the phone or turned off the computer and just held my son. So that's what I did tonight.

It was a good day, a family day. We worked outside together. We walked to the beach late in the evening when the sand was cool and the water was quiet. Mateo and Daddy wrestled on the couch. We danced to music and gave each other raspberries and belly kisses. This is what I always dreamed motherhood would be. And it is. And even though these special moments are sometimes few and far between, it is still worth it, and any mother will tell you that.

But, tomorrow I'll get up way too early with a hungry toddler screaming for "juice" and acting like changing one's clothes is an act of torture, then spend the rest of the day keeping him out of the toilet, DVD player, and the neighbor's car, and I'll probably curse the day I ever thought having a kid would be "fun". But I will suck it up and be a good Mom so that when I'm old and can't control my bladder anymore he won't stick me in a low budget retirement home where the staff is really creepy and steals my pudding. So, here's to you Mateo, I hope you always know how hard and fierce I love you.

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Stefanie said...

I love that. I sometimes have half days like that but then I find myself pulled to my computer. Like now. but you've inspired me to go play princesses with my daughter for at least five minutes or until I get bored. Whichever comes first.

Sweet post.