Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goats, the New Family Pet

Here's a story about today's new and updated family pet. Yes, I thought the dog was the quintessential family pet (it is man's best friend after all), but times are changing. Computers can fit in your pocket, and as I've said before, urinals talk. So apparently the favorite family pet has also been upgraded. To a goat.

I sent my son to my mom's for a weekend while we painted his room. Yes, Mateo finally has a big boy room instead of the baby green color walls and little animal curtains. He has a car room in which he has shown absolutely no difference to. Seriously, I was hoping for a little excitement or acknowledgment of the changes but, no. Nothing. Dave says it was a waste of time and money but then again, he would have been completely happy leaving Mateo's room the same till he was a teenager. Pastel animal lamp and all.

Anyway, when we went to pick Mateo up from my mom's house, who lives in a suburban area in CT (suburban mind you, not rural, which is important later). Mateo decided he would like to take Dave and I for a walk around the block. This was funny actually. We went outside and my brother (Jay) started to follow us and Mateo looked at him and said, "Jay! Go!" and pushed him away. Hmm....guess Mateo wanted some family time. And that was the first time he's ever put two words together.

Well, Jay followed anyway and said, randomly, have you seen the neighbor's goat? Goat? Yes, the neighbors have a pet goat. Okay, are we in Mexico? We went over to check out this goat and I was expecting to see him in a fenced area or at least on a leash, but no. The goat was free roaming about the yard and neighborhood. I was shocked. Apparently the goat knows it's way home. Which was surprising to me cause I thought they had the brain capacity of a toaster. The neighbors, not the goat. Anyway, while I was gone, Mateo and the goat became great friends and still keep in touch today.

I'm also surprised that my mom's dog, Demi, which we're not sure of the breed other than Dingo (man, I guess we are in Mexico), hasn't killed the goat yet. Demi is like the Godfather of the neighborhood animals. She always has a posse of dogs behind her as they patrol the streets making sure everyone is in their place. And every once in a while she offs someone. She's killed 3 raccoons, 2 groundhog families, mice, squirrels, and a neighbor's pet rabbit. She hasn't killed the goat, yet, but she did bite it's tail off. I guess that was a warning shot. I think the goat owes her money.

Anyway, since I haven't written in a while, sorry, new job and all that. Here are some of our latest victories. Mateo can say 25 words which is half way to normal (supposedly 2 year olds are supposed to have at least 50, but who's counting?) I'm counting. For several reasons. One, it's the first question the pediatrician asks at all our visits. Second, his speech goal was to have 25 words by July 08. Whoo-hoo! And third, you celebrate the little things when you have a child with a "significant speech delay". Not my words. This actually came as quite a shock to me. I knew he was behind in speech. Most of our friends kids are speaking in complete sentences and all that seems to come out of Mateo's mouth is a loud grumbled mess (you'd understand if you met him). But, I was thinking his delay was mild, maybe moderate at most (I know, I know, semantics). But then his physical therapist kept saying over and over, "because of his significant speech delay..." Okay, well, she didn't really say it in bold print but that's how it sounded to me.

The point is, 25 words seemed like a big success to us. Even though most of the words no one outside of us, and maybe the goat, would understand. But approximations count! So last night, we had a party. Well, not a real party. But I sang an obnoxious song and waved my arms around. Mateo thought it was hilarious and also tried to sing, which sounds like a duck drowning. It was a great time!

In other news. The adoption/birthday party was a success, despite the giant thunderstorm that just so happened to start at the exact time guests were arriving for our outdoor BBQ! Thanks a lot, God. But we had a tent set up and the kids loved using the giant inflatable slide as an giant inflatable water slide. And most everyone still came and had a great time. Of course Mateo left much to be desired. You'd think he would've been in better spirits at his own adoption party. He was moody and cranky all day till my mom and brother came. Then he only wanted to be with them, and gave me dirty looks the rest of the day. Nice. I'm sure it was clear to everyone that he was thrilled to be stuck with us forever.

Well that's all for now. I will update more frequently now, I promise. We're going camping at the end of the month and that should be promising for lots of laughs. Peace out.



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Devan said...

I like the new look of the blog. Also, of course goats are the new dog. I mean really Justice where have you been.