Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hot Hunks only $1.49 !!!

So, here is Part II on dining out. We took Mateo out to eat today at Johnny Rockets, which is a 50's themed diner meant to bring you back to a simpler time when a hamburger cost a quarter, only it cost $6.25 today. On a side note, what happened to McDonalds? Does anyone remember when McDonald's was, like, the cheap place to eat when you only had a couple bucks in your pocket? Now, when I feel like eating deep fried fat and clogging an artery in one night, it costs me $20 bucks!

Anyway, we were at Johnny Rockets having overpriced hamburgers and trying to keep our kid happy and most of all, quiet. Side note: lemonade works great but expect repercussions. Mainly your child being so hopped up on sugar that you might actually consider "borrowing" your nephew's ADHD medication just this one time. Today he bounced his head off the car seat over and over singing "da, da, da, da" all the way home (he only says "mama" when he wants something). And when he got back to the house, he ran around in circles until he bumped into the wall and fell over, stopping for one moment to pick himself back up and do it again. And that was watered down lemonade.

So, in an effort to keep our son happy while we had a semi-pleasant meal bopping along to Little Richard, my husband decided to let him play with his cellphone. To Mateo this was quite special because Mommy never lets him play with her cellphone because she has enough trouble not dropping it or accidently flushing it down the toilet herself and doesn't need any help from a toddler in destroying it or calling random strangers in Guam. So this actually worked. He loved it and was happy and most of all, quiet (you're getting the idea, right?), the whole time. I know I stress the "quiet" part of my stories a lot. But that's because MY SON IS THE LOUDEST CHILD IN THE HISTORY OF WORLD!!! I'm not exaggerating. I wouldn't be surprised if I have hearing loss by 35.

So back to the story. Dave is eating chicken fingers, Mateo is playing with Dave's cellphone, and I'm texting Mateo to stop throwing half chewed fries onto mommy's hamburger. I look over to see if Mateo got my message and on the phone screen it says...

Hot Hunks. Get picture messages of hot hunky men on your phone every day for only $1.49!

Yes, he was about to order porn on my husbands cell phone. I was cracking up....and relieved
we caught him in time....$1.49 per day is expensive!

So, away with the phone and back to the lemonade, to which I think Mateo has developed an addiction. "Juice, juice, juice, juice..." Side note: If the point of saying the same word as many times as possible for a period of 30 minutes or more is to make the person so delirious with insanity that they would do anything to stop it, then my son truly is an evil genius.

Point of the story: Johnny Rockets' burgers aren't half bad.


Devan said...

Speaking of ADD authors.

J-momma said...

ha ha that because i get off topic so frequently? well, i'll have you know it took me three hours to write this blog because at the same time i was playing cars with my son, watching crime shows on TV, cooking and eating dinner, and even taking a shower at one point (yes, showering while typing on the computer is tricky). ha, ha! it's not called ADD, it's called multi-tasking!