Sunday, April 13, 2008

The boy in the oven

Mateo has made a friend in the oven. Yes, it is true, and no, we do not have the habit of sticking children in ovens. He doesn’t seem to recognize himself in reflections yet and therefore has made friends with himself in the oven door surface. It must seem very odd to a toddler that there is a strange boy living in the door of the oven. Even so, Mateo, being as kind as he is, offers him a drink now and then from his sippy cup. He has a routine, first he yells at him, for being stuck in the oven door I suppose, then he feels kind of guilty for being so harsh, and offers him a sip of his drink. As he puts his sippy cup up to the oven door, he changes his mind at the last second and shakes his head "no" as he takes the cup away. Then he watches for any response. He does this several times before making up with his "friend" and giving him a kiss. Should I be concerned?

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