Friday, February 26, 2010

Weight Watchers

Well, I officially joined Weight Watchers. Now I guess I have to actually watch my weight. Hopefully as it goes down!

It should be no surprise to anyone that I gained...about....a million pounds! of weight in the last two years. Who knows what the reason is (ahem, kids!), but whatever the reason (kids!), it doesn't matter cause I can't get rid of them! So, I might as well just suck it up and deal with the stress in some other way besides downing an entire sleeve of Oreos. And since auditioning for Biggest Loser doesn't seem in the cards, Weight Watchers is the next best thing.

So here I my first meeting. Getting weighed by an overly sympathetic skinny woman with a clipboard. Ugh. I hate it. But I need it. Oh, why can't I be one of those people who can eat anything they want and never gain a pound! I hate them.

I mean, I've never been a size 2 or anything but I used to be pretty average. I've always been curvy, but healthy and muscular. Now I join the ranks of the thousands of point-counting, weekly weigh-in, crying at meetings, Weight Watcher people. It's ok. I can deal with it. I miss my body and my health too much to not give it a try. Wish me luck!

Before Kids

(on our honeymoon to Yosemite)

I don't even have an "after kids" picture to show you because I erase them all before anyone can see them. Hopefully, in a few months, I'll be able to show you some progress. I don't know about wearing no skimpy denim shorts anymore, but we'll see.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I am with you sister!!! I lost over 60lbs. a couple of years ago and in the last few months literally have started gaining them back- YUCK! When I lost all that weight initially it felt SOOO GOOD! I was in a normal pair of jeans, and could play with the kids more. I am still not over the top- yet, but need to get back to where I was. Stress + kids + everything else= weight gain.

Angie said...

Hi! I have tried the stopping game and if I say stop or dont it dont work! She is the same. Now if I say freez it works for a little while but then she always thinks its a game and never takes me seriously! If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!!! Thank you!!

JonesEthiopia said...

Good for you.... I lost 40 pounds on WW a while back. Prekids. Umm, gained a lot of it back since R came home. Have been thinking I need to get back into it, as I felt sooo much better with the weight off. Especially now that I have 2 very active babies to chase after!