Sunday, February 21, 2010

Calling All Parents of Biracial Kids!

I need hair help!!!!

Maya's hair is still really dry and frizzy in the back. I think I need a leave-in conditioner. Her hair is not as kinky and tight as AA hair so I think a product meant for that type of hair will be too heavy. So I need something in between. Any suggestions?


JonesEthiopia said... hair milkshake. Use it daily on R. Her hair is more curly than kinky, and it literally saved it. Hers used to be really frizzy in the back, too. Well, you see what it looks like now!! We also use their shampoo, conditioner, and other products.

Janice said...

My children are mixed. Natasia has Daddy's curls but my thickness. For her hair we wash it with Pantene shampoo, condition it with Pantene conditioner (I usually get the store brand either from WalMart or Family Dollar). I have her leave the conditioner in for a couple minutes. Then while it is still wet we use No More Tangles and this hair lotion in a yellow bottle called SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Oil Therapy 3 in 1 Creme Oil Moisturizer. It is made with coconut, olive, avocado and jojoba oil and smells really good. I message that into her scalp and hair before I comb it, making sure I get the ends really good. Then I comb it with a wide comb and style. The only place I can find this where I live is at Rite Aid. I used to use Just for Me products, but for her this combo works better.


JonesEthiopia said...

I also use their detangler and curl gel's'ce (curl jealousy-- don't ask me why they just can't spell it that way) on R's hair. For E, I use the baby line of products-- shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and "itsy bitsy spirals." I also sometimes use curl custard on E, which is a little thicker than the milk shake. The important thing is to avoid shampoo/conditioner with sulfates in them... I would also definitely have the Princess sleep on satin!

The Knott Family said...

This is what I use on Anna's hair. I use the leave in conditioner once a week and the leave in more often. I also still use the "ring around the curls" on her hair (even though she doesn't really fall into the baby category anymore)