Sunday, June 7, 2009


My standards have dropped.

I used to:

put Mateo in pajamas for bed every night.

make sure his socks were clean, matching, and never worn more than one day in a row.

get myself dressed (other than sweats and t-shirts) every day.

clean the house for friends, family, and speech therapists.

make sure Mateo's clothes always matched.

planned enriching, stimulating, and educational activities that don't involve staring at lights and ceiling fans (poor Maya).

Now I:

make Mateo sleep in his clothes for the next day so it's less to do in the morning to get him off to daycare.

am happy to find socks that are the same color. The cleanliness is often questionable.

put a bra on before noon.

apologize to friends, family, and speech therapists for the condition of my house.

make sure Mateo has clothes on for the right season, matching them for church and special occasions.

convince myself that staring at the computer screen is enriching, the ceiling fan is stimulating, and watching mommy talk on the phone is educational.

Have you standards changed in going from one child to two?


janiece said...

With 3--I'm overjoyed if I get a shower each day and, by the end of the day, no one has been seriously injured. Yep--know what you mean. With Julia--everything had to be perfect. By they time Chewie came along, again--just keeping them in one piece is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Have they ever! With our first the house stayed relatively clean. And with case workers etc. visiting our house 2-3 x per month it was good incentive to clean up before they came. Then came another baby a few weeks shy of a year later and we are a mess. A 18 month old & 8 month old can ruin your house:) Our case worker said, "They used to be so clean and immaculate, now they are more realistic." when she saw our messy house. Love your blog, our stories are closely related to each other.

Adopting1Soon said...

Not with kids, but going from one dog to 3, definitely! The first one I trained to within inches of being a agility/therapy/drug sniffing dog. The other two? Know how to sit.