Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Blogger. Bad. Bad.

Sorry I've been so terrible lately. I just can't seem to find a long enough length of time to be on the computer this week. That, and I can't seem to find enough brain cells to make a coherent thought either. We've all been sick. The baby's been congested but now we're thinking it might be allergies. I'm not sure if she's too young to take to an allergist or not. Mateo threw up once, then was fine for a few days, then ran a fever for a couple days. Swine flu? Who knows. Dave's been not feeling well. I'm usually the only one who's healthy when sickness runs through the house. Dave swears it's all my jobs working in daycares and schools. He thinks I've built up immunity to every single childhood illness. I suppose it's possible. I credit Airborne. Anyway, I do have some fun pictures and stories. And I'll find time soon to post more.

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