Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is me trying to be a good mom

Okay, so I've admitted many times that I am not one of those moms who is all about the homegrown and organic food. Honestly, I would love to buy all organic. I can't afford it. I'm too busy buying the entire series of "Fraggle Rock" (or any movie that keeps him interested for longer than 5 minutes) and I don't have any money left for "organic". But I was quite impressed with myself for cooking this yummy meal made of fresh fruit and handpicked blueberries. And, even better, my son helped me cook it! So, I spent quality time doing something educational with my son. That doesn't happen very often. Not because I don't want to (well, sometimes because I don't want to), but mostly because my son seems to have some sort of allergic reaction to anything "educational" or anything resembling learning. He must have an inner instinct that makes him want to keel over in pain and agony at the mere thought of doing a puzzle. But he was interested (and for more than 5 minutes) in "helping" me stir the pancake mix. He even tried to taste test a bit of raw egg for me. Mmmm....salmonella. So, despite the contaminated, pesticide soaked, non-organic fruit I got on sale from Shaw's (except for the blueberries, which we picked down the street; those are "all natural" cause the dog peed on them), I was feeling very good about my mad Mom skills. Maybe I'm not so bad after all!

So, without further ado, here is the fruitiest, most educational, and closest-to-organic-I'll-ever-get, dinner! Fruit salad and pancakes with blueberry sauce! (Applause)

Thank you, thank you very much!

Mateo and Mommy being "educational" (hence the scary faces)


Amy said...

Thanks for the blog comment! You have quite the little cutie pie in Mateo. I responded to my blog about where the t shirt is from.... But I will tell you here too.
Urban Baby Runway

It is such a cute shirt indeed!

Heather said...

you crack me up! I've been keeping up with your blog but haven't had the time to comment, so figured I'd take a minute and let you know that I've been enjoying it- always a good laugh! Glad to hear the surgery went well too!

Rachel said...

You totally outdid me. I was all proud of myself for heating up oscar meyer hotdogs in the microwave, and opening a can of mandarine oranges for my daughter's lunch yesterday. And I'm not even kidding. Sheesh.

J-momma said...

well, the pancakes were bisquick.