Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally, he grows!

So I don't know if you've heard, but Mateo is very small. Not off the charts small, but enough that his little daycare friends started calling him "Frodo". He was wearing size 12 months almost till his second birthday. But now, he must have had a growth spurt, because he actually wears the size of clothing he's supposed to for his age! Whoo-hoo! This is Mateo in size 24 month jeans and a 2-T shirt. Okay, okay, so they're a little big. But there's room to grow for the fall. Just look at how big my baby is getting! He looks like a little man!

He looks a little chunky in this picture. It must be the lighting.


Anonymous said...

It's because the stripes are horizontal--that pulls the eye sideways to view the body. Also, I don't think he looks chunky. I think the shirt looks big on him is all.

J-momma said...

wait till you see the clothes i got him today. so cute! he will be stylin' in the fall. i'll try to take some pictures when it's cool out this week.