Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holy Mother!

A few days ago I celebrated my first mother's day. I really don't have much to complain about, but of course I am going to because I have to have something to write about. I must preface this with a little praise for my husband. He did a great job! He cooked all 3 meals for me, making my favorite breakfast and one of my favorite dinners. I didn't change a single diaper all day. And I got to play with my son while he was being cool and hand him off to Dad when he wasn't. It was wonderful.

Now, for the complaining part. Every Mother's Day in my church, they do a special service where they acknowledge all the Mom's. The past few years while I've been waiting for hubby to get on board with the whole kid thing, I've been dreaming of the day that I, too, can stand up and be counted as a Mommy. So, this was my turn and I was looking forward to it.

BUT, instead of basking in the glory of this wonderful moment that I feel I deserve (if I say so myself), I'm in the back hallway with my kid who's screaming and writhing around on the floor. And not because he was touched by the blood of the lamb. He was having a tantrum because he wanted Daddy's coffee and I said no. He already had one coffee that day and the kid has got to cut down! By the time I finished beating my kid (or at least that's what everyone thought by the sound of his screaming) and brought him to the nursery, my moment was over.

And it only got worse as the service went on. So the pastor then asks for some of the congregation to stand up and give some praises about their wives or mothers. And as the husbands are giving heartfelt speeches about their wives patience, and gentleness, and enduring love, I begin to realize that I don't sound anything like these other mothers. They sound like saints and I sound like a New York City cab driver. This was especially true about one particular woman whose husband raved on and on about for longer than a Baptist preacher on his best Sunday sermon. This woman apparently has 4 kids, one on the way, homeschool's all of them, the house is always clean, she never loses her patience, and doesn't believe in leftovers. Oh, and wears spandex and a cape under her clothes in case someone is in danger. Seriously! How can anyone live up to that?

Things were looking up towards the end of the service when the pastor said these words, "A woman is a person first, and a mother second." Can I get an amen!

A rare picture of me. I usually hide-out behind the camera.

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Devan said...

AMEN AMEN SISTER!!! (rolling around on the floor being slain the spirit and speaking in groveling words that sound like---hhmmnnslskdsjdfjafkh.)