Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ridiculous Baby Products: Part II

Okay, so here's a short continuation of my earlier post entitled "Ridiculous Baby Products: Part I." I am always seeing crazy baby products but most of the time I forget them before I get home to blog about it. So if you have a ridiculous baby product in mind, leave me a comment and I'll totally make fun of it. Or even better, you write something funny and I'll copy it onto my blog and totally take credit for it!

Here's one I saw in a catalog the other day. It's called "The only wearable blanket...with legs!" Umm...excuse my lack of baby novelty knowledge but isn't a wearable blanket with legs....clothes?

Here's a tag line for another product I found in that same catalog. Let me know if you have any idea what this is. "Protect baby's mattress with Our Triple-Action Covers!" What? Triple-action? Sounds like a toothbrush...or men's razor....or toilet cleaner. How can a mattress cover have triple action? It covers the mattress. End of story.

Let's read on. "Nothing protects better than our exclusive three-layer technology." Technology? For a crib mattress? Does this new crib mattress technology put baby to sleep without crying within 5 minutes of putting baby down for nap? Does said technology knock baby unconscious at 5 am when baby thinks it's time to play and proceeds to wake everybody in the house with incessant screaming at the top of baby's lungs? If not, I'm not interested.

But on that note, I did see a product that you can put on the legs of the crib that actually rocks the crib ever so slightly as to stimulate being in the womb (or a small boat). Now that's technology!

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Donna said...

"Wearable Blanket With Legs" = CLOTHES.

Totally cracks me up!